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Adding Unique Patterns to Your Brick Layout

Ever notice how almost no brick is aligned perfectly with an adjacent brick? Or how one row of bricks on a wall never seems to line up lengthwise with the bricks on top of it? The offset design (called a “running bond”) makes for a stronger wall, and helps mask any bricks that are uneven. It’s not uncommon to see perfectly lined up brick pavers on a patio where there isn’t much of a load to support.

What about other styles of brick design? Are all brick patterns strictly load-bearing in design, or is there a strictly artistic element being thrown into the mix? If you are looking to add or remodel brick in your home then it might be worth the time to think about what a different brick pattern might do for your space.

If you are establishing or repairing a whole new wall, consider adding some varying color into the mix. Complimentary colored bricks arranged in designs or patterns can serve as a base for future decor. If you are feeling bolder, and have enough foresight, alternating a few bricks so they stand 90 degrees out from the wall (so they stick out in relief) can cast some curious, eye-catching shadows. The outcropped bricks can even be used to hang small, seasonal decorations.

If you are thinking about adding to or creating a whole new brick patio, start thinking outside of the corner-to-corner box that brick makes you think of. A unique brick pattern on the ground can do wonders in drawing the attention of your guests to something important around your home.

A circular pattern can give a sense of inward community to outdoor parties. A herringbone pattern bordered with a straight edge in a separate color can give a definitive boundary without putting up a wall. There is no limit to the variety of ways brick can be put down. Grab a few sheets of graph paper and let your imagination run wild. You could be coming up with the next great pattern that your neighbors will be talking about for ages.

The next time you find yourself considering a remodel or facing a brick repair, consult your mason to see if some extra flair can be added to the job. While it may result in an extra cost, the unique pattern could serve to enhance the resale value of your house. Of course, your new brick will likely be the cornerstone of many future conversations as well.

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