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Why/How to Paint an Interior Brick Wall

Bricks are, in more ways than one, heavy. On the exterior of your home they can add character and aged sophistication; possibly helping your house appear to be even more grand and majestic.

On the interior, however, quite a different story can be told. In an enclosed space, heavy things can be overbearing and consuming to an area. While some might cherish the texture and versatility of an exposed, unpainted brick wall, it can sometimes make a small space seem more claustrophobic, depressing, and dungeon-like.

In a pinch, homeowners can lighten up an interior brick wall with tapestries, hanging light colored pictures, or hanging mirrors that would reflect available light around the space. Of course, painting brick is a very effective, and far more permanent, solution. Your space will look cleaner, light will carry through better, and the brick will be protected from dirt and have moisture sealed away from it.

Before painting, clean your brick with a nylon brush and get between the cracks with a vacuum hose. Having a clean surface is important, and the cleaning process may reveal any brick repairs that may need to be done first. Be sure to check that the mortar is still solid and the bricks are in one piece.

Put down a primer coat. Just about any universal primer should do the trick. You might need several different types and sizes of brushes to make sure all the surfaces, nooks, and crannies of the brick face are covered completely. Remember: brick is porous, so it might take a few coats before your desired color starts to show.

As for the color: try not to forget that there is a brick wall under your paint. Work with colors that will compliment the masked texture - light browns, greens, or shades of white usually work best.

The reflected light is sure to brighten and warm up any space while keeping the charm of having an interior facing brick wall in your home. If there ever comes a time to remove the paint it is best to call a brick professional who can clean off the paint without damaging the brick underneath.

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