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Accurate Mortar Formulation

The right mortar makes all the difference in the stability and longevity of your brick walls and structures. Therefore, accurate mortar formulation is critical. Our team of experts knows how important mortar is, and we pride ourselves on selecting the right mortar composition for each and every masonry project.

Mortar is made from a blend of cement, lime and other ingredients. It requires exactly the right proportions to maintain its integrity and stand the test of time.

Why? Mortar must not only bond tightly with the brick, but it must also maintain that bond for years to come—despite rain, cold, heat and even earthquakes! Accurate mortar formulation extends the life of your brick walls, ensuring that you get the structural integrity you expect from a brick home.

So many factors influence the way mortar should be formulated: current weather conditions, the types of bricks used, climate, and potential for seismic activity are only a few. For example here in Denver, we formulate mortar differently than we would in the tropics. As masonry specialists, it’s our job to take all these factors into consideration and use the best mortar composition for every project. We also carefully mix our mortar to prevent air entrapment, which can weaken the bond between brick and mortar.

If you’ve seen premature cracks, flaking, or other signs of deterioration in your mortar, it may be due to imperfections in the mortar mix. Our team can diagnose the problem and repair your masonry.

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