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Brick Replacement

Bricks are one of the strongest building materials known to man. However, over a period of time (many, many years) bricks can corrode and become loose. Often times, the mortar around it has started crumbling and flaking as well. A loose brick needs immediate attention, not only because it looks bad, but also because it can become the entry point of insect infestations and moisture.

Brick Specialists employees are backed by vast knowledge of how to handle and execute brick repair. While people often believe this can be a DIY option, brick repair is very labor-intensive. It needs to be done by an expert on older and newer homes, or you risk damaging adjacent bricks and spoiling the aesthetic altogether, leading to higher costs and wasting your precious time.

As part of our Denver brick replacement services, we make sure that both the new brick and replacement mortar matches the original mortar and bricks on your home. We use bricks, mortar and tools that are of the finest quality, ensuring that the job is perfectly done and lasts for many, many years to come. Consider Brick Specialists for any brick replacement you want done in your Denver-metro home.

Contact us by calling (303) 875-6111 today to see what a difference we can make for your brick home!