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Chimney Restoration

Chimney repair and restoration is another area we specialize in. Due to the harsh climate Denver sees, chimneys often take a beating. Since they are exposed to the elements the year round, chimneys often deteriorate when exposed to freezing temperatures and moisture. Historic homes can be even more susceptible to chimney damage. Just like bricks, repairing chimneys is a tricky affair and should be done only by a professional.

We repair and replace the old mortar with color-matched new mortar, new bricks that match the old, undamaged bricks, flue tiles and liners, concrete crowns and caps. We are experts at isolating areas of damage and repairing those areas only, without creating structural damage or strains to the other parts. If we deem the damage to be extensive, rebuilding your chimney may be recommended.

By choosing Brick Specialists, you are ensuring that your chimney regains its lost beauty and original condition. A clean and efficient chimney will greatly reduce safety hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning and flue fires, and even help prevent heat loss on those cold winter nights. Ours is a cost effective solution carried out by expert technicians in a timely manner - and they’ll yield you an effective, beautiful and long lasting chimney.

Contact us by calling (303) 875-6111 today to see what a difference we can make for your brick home!