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Door And Window Conversion

Doors and windows can do so much for a home. Windows can make a room appear brighter, more open and even bigger. We would all like more windows in our house.

But if you would like more windows in your Denver brick home, there is a cost effective option you can use. Just convert a door that isn’t used very often, to a window! And if you need someone to do it, you’ve come to the right place.

Door to window conversion is often something that goes terribly wrong. A badly done conversion could compromise the structural integrity of the home. At Brick Specialists, we have considerable expertise in door-to-window conversions and window-to-door conversions. All the work is carried out in your home with minimal demolition and rebuilding of adjacent structures. We have beautiful window and door options for you to choose from.

Conversions can be expensive - and if not done right the first time, they could cost double or triple the amount for repairs. We know that compromising your home’s aesthetic is not an option. We do it once and we do it right.

Call Brick Specialists today at (303) 875-6111 to see how we can help you transform the look of your Denver home!