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Structural Repairs

Colorado is a beautiful state to live in, but due to the climatic conditions and the dry air, maintaining a structurally sound brick home can be a challenge. The climatic fluctuations between excessive moisture, humidity and hot dry heat can put additional pressure on your foundation and weaken it, leading to cracks, flaking and even subtle shifting of your foundation.

At Brick Specialists, our 40 years of doing business has taught us to correctly identify signs of trouble, and employ the best and most cost effective way to fix the damage. Our repair processes are long lasting and durable. We are equipped to carry out most structural repairs including walls, insulation, flooring repairs, foundation restoration and other structural repairs.

As a trusted community partner, we are committed to applying our expertise to help you get a safe and beautiful brick home. Our employees carry out all the repair work in a professional and timely manner, and are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

To see how we can help you with structural repairs in Denver, please call us at (303) 875-6111.