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Maxwell S Of City Park

September 2009

Re: Your work at [address omitted]

Dear Bill and James,

I appreciate the wonderful restoration and improvement work you just completed for me and thank you for the care, precision and diligence with which you preformed the work.

You restored two tall chimneys to their original condition. For one of them, you removed and rebuilt a portion that was about four feet tall at the top. It was leaning because of the poor work performed more than 40 years ago. After rebuilding the top, you tuckpointed the rest of the chimney. The second chimney was fully tuckpointed for a distance of about 10 feet about the roof line. You did a superb job of matching the mortar, both in color and content. Both chimneys are now like they were when they were first built almost 100 years ago.

Your other work was to duplicate a brick arch that frames my front door on my back door. The took real brickworking talent and patience. It was a challenge that you completely mastered. The front doorway is very distinctive, and shown in photo #1 that I have attached to this letter. The back door was very plain, as it apparent in photo #2. I had to work out a cardboard guide using a template of the wooden canopy that will be installed over the back door to demonstrate the result I wanted, as shown in photo #3. Photo #4 shows the result of your work, which matches exactly the guide I provided you. The mortar color match is perfect. Your efforts completely transformed a plain hole-in-the-wall entrance into a fine, attractive one that appears to have been on the building for its entire life.

Please feel free to include pictures of your work in your photo album. As soon as I install the wooden canopy, I will mail you photos to show the fully finished entry way.

I am very pleased with your work. Without hesitation, I recommend you to any property owner looking for top quality work at a reasonable price. There was absolutely noting to criticize, and everything to praise, about my experience with you.

Sincerely, Maxwell S. of Denver, CO (City Park)