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Custom Mortar Matching

Whether it’s a small tuck pointing job or a chimney that needs rebuilding, we take great pride in being a company that is focused on getting a job well done, and also giving you an aesthetic that you can proudly call home. Custom Mortar Matching is a process that undergoes extensive lab analysis and testing. The resulting mortar should not only closely match the original mortar, but should also bond correctly to the mortar joints being repaired or replaced.

We work with older, newer and historic Denver homes, which lends itself to a variety of mortar colors. While this can be a concern with other masonry specialists, for Brick Specialists, this is what we do. Our custom mortar matching process is a family secret, and completed with a variety of custom blends we have at our disposal. We use the finest quality products in the appropriate proportions to give you the color you want.

Custom Mortar Matching is done for all services, and we believe it’s a small price to pay to make sure your home looks great.

Call Brick Specialists in Denver today at (303) 875-6111 to see how we can help you get your exact mortar match.