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Historical Home Restoration: Complications with Historical Brick

Your historical home has a unique feel and personality all its own. Older homes develop patinas nearly impossible to duplicate with new construction—and that’s part of their charm! Historic brick homes are no different; over time, factors like exposure to the elements subtly change the tone and texture of bricks and masonry.

But historical bricks and mortar were designed to absorb and then release moisture. Especially in places like Denver, water can seep into the bricks and mortar and freeze. Eventually the bricks may settle or shift, causing unevenness in your historical home’s foundation. Chimneys and walls may begin to lean. And though they are incredibly durable, historical bricks begin to crumble over time because they were fired at a much lower temperature. They will become loose, break, and chip over time.

To complete these kinds of restoration projects and structural repairs, you need Denver brick specialists with unsurpassed skill and expertise. Restoring the bricks in a historical house requires a keen eye for detail and thorough knowledge of masonry.

From custom mortar matching to color-matched tuck pointing, Brick Specialists in Denver are well versed in every aspect of historical brick home restoration. With our extensive experience in every aspect of restoring historical masonry, we’ll ensure that the brick and mortar match the rest of your home, restoring the original and classic beauty of your home.

For your historical brick home repair project, call Brick Specialists in Denver at (303) 875-6111.